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Las Vegas Weekly: Reinventing nightlife: How Vegas stays on top of the game with new spaces, sounds and stars
Over the past decade, the nightclub business has become a truly ubiquitous part of Las Vegas entertainment. You come to Vegas, you go to a club... Turntable Legend DJ Hollywood Wades Into Uncharted Waters
Don’t let his name fool you: DJ Hollywood is a true Las Vegas nightlife veteran. Born Leandro Vlasteris, he got his start DJing at 14 in his hometown of Atlantic City ...

Las Vegas Magazine: Hey, Mr. DJ
You can call New Jersey's own DJ Hollywood, Mr. Las Vegas of nightlife. Going from the Eas Coast to the West Coast ...

Las Vegas Weekly: Vegas' star DJ spins his own story
DJ Hollywood is a total character. He's loud, hard-working, unapologetic, and everywhere... DJ Hollywood Day in Las Vegas
Today is a very exciting day as a good friend of mine, Lee Vlastaris Jr. better known as DJ Hollywood, is being presented with a Key to the City of Las Vegas... LAS VEGAS DJS
DJ Hollywood, a DJs name was never more suited – it fits his personality and lifestyle like a glove. DJ Hollywood @ 260 FIRST
On September 21st, 2013 Debacle ENT AND 260 FIRST are bringing you DJ HOLLYWOOD all the way from Las Vegas! DJ Hollywood. DJ Collectives Rally ‘Round the Beats
They put the talent in the booths, the sounds in the clubs and pack the dance floors, but not all Las Vegas collectives are created equal. Rob Gronkowski ‘Spiked’ Cake, Had Inflated Footballs At Birthday Party
Rob Gronkowski’s birthday party went exactly like you probably imagined: lots of dancing, bros and spiking of inanimate objects. Have You Seen This Man?
Seven more essential Las Vegas DJs, then and now

Agent 21 Spotlight: Put My Record On
The record continues to spin for part two of my series.

Paris Hilton to Help Open New Tahoe Nightclub, Peek
A new nightspot is opening at Harrah's in South Lake Tahoe called Peek.

From NFL to MP3: DJ Larry Johnson?
Bengals’ Larry Johnson trades helmet for headphones to make his Vegas DJ debut

944 - September '03: Reign in the Dessert
R.O.B. and Hollywood look back as they celebrate four years of pumping up the party as the Palms' resident DJs

City Life - August '03: Vegas goes HOLLYWOOD
Local DJ proves the bottom line for longtime success is the bottom line

City Life - March '03: How much Woodwear would Hollywood wear?
Start spreading the news: DJ Hollywood wants some space on your closet

Ehow - July '09: Popular Las Vegas Night Clubs
DJ Hollywood's Pizza and Gyros

Image Magazine - August '04: DJ Review
DJ Hollywood

LA Times - September '09
Spin City

Las Vegas Entertainment Online - March '11: DJ Hollywood's Pizza and Gyros
DJ Hollywood's Pizza and Gyros Brings Family Recipes to New Restaurant

Las Vegas Review Journal - July '11: Dining Pick of the Week
Dining Pick of the Week: DJ Hollywood's Pizza and Gyros

Las Vegas Weekly Journal - January '04: Hurray for Hollywood
Vegas' star DJ spins his own story

Las Vegas Weekly Journal - September '02: Cruisin' The Boulevard
DJ Hollywood is on the air

Las Vegas Weekly Journal - September '02: Sin City's DJ Spotlight
The DJ's Who Rock Las Vegas

Metro Wise - April '11: A New Spin on Pizza and Gyros
DJ Hollywood Opens His Own Restaurant

Napkin Nights - December '04
Interview with DJ Hollywood

Report on Vegas - March '11
DJ Hollywood's Pizza and Gyros to Open Soon

Seven Magazine - March '11
Expert Opinion: Best of Las Vegas Nightlife

Spy on Vegas - April '11
Agent 21 Spotlight: Put my Record On - Part 2

Today in LV
DJ Hollywood's Pizza and Gyros
DJ Hollywood’s Pizza & Gyros Brings Family Recipes to New Restaurant